When you hear about women in abusive relationships, do you ever wonder: If it's so bad, why doesn't she just leave?

Why Doesn't She Just Leave? is the actual journal of an abused woman, revealing her day-by-day experiences, fears, desperation and helplessness, as well as her hopes and dreams for a better future.

Through the author's vivid accounts, you will feel as if you are sharing her thoughts, emotions, and experiences, and you will come to understand why abused women don't just leave.

Read about Lisa's transformation from victim to victor!

Some reader reviews:
  • "Absolutely riveting!"
  • "I loved this book! It is interesting, informative and inspiring. Try it if you know anyone who is in an unhappy marriage."
  • "This book is essential reading for anyone who has a friend or family member unable to leave an abusive relationship."
  • "Wow! This book got me inside Lisa's heart and soul, and showed me what it's like to be an abused woman. It's a real eye-opener and a very readable book, just like reading somebody's diary."

Why Doesn't She Just Leave?
by Lisa Moss
ISBN #9780595163755

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